Samples/Review Policy

I do accept wines for review, and while I’m somewhat California-centric in my wine preferences, I love to taste wines from all over the world (so send ’em if you’ve got ’em).  In order to comply with federal trade regulations, I will always state whether a wine that I’ve reviewed was received as a sample.

Since my blog is primarily story-driven I like to include more than just a grade or point rating in my reviews, so anybody with a great story (especially small producers) who would like to share their wines, my preference is to, at a minimum, do a quick interview by email so I can include that story with the review.

I cannot guarantee that I will review every wine sent to me, but I will try, and chances are good that I will.

If you would like to submit a wine for review please email me at, or just use the contact form here on the site, and I will get back to you with shipping information.