Samples/Review Policy

I happily accept wines for review! I share mini-reviews, food pairing ideas, and creative bottle shots of wines I like on my Instagram account (and then re-share across the other social media platforms I use). Since my blog is primarily story-driven, if I’m really intrigued with your wine I’ll contact you for an interview. Relatedly, if you think you have a great story, please reach out and introduce yourself and let me know all about it.

Sample bottle shot for mini reviewI cannot guarantee that I will review every wine sent to me, but I do try, and chances are good that I will. If I really love the wine, it’s likely I’ll feature it on the blog with a lengthier writeup.

I also love to review books about wine! I often purchase those myself (we can talk about my book addiction some other time) Sample bottle shot for mini reviewbut will also happily accept a review copy to add to the stack. Same for wine gadgets and accessories.

If you would like to submit a wine (or book or gadget!) for review, please send an email with the word “Sample” in the subject line to and I will get back to you promptly with shipping information.