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Let’s unhibernate this thing.

So, in my last post I excitedly proclaimed “I’m back!”

HAHAHA. Then the universe said “Hold my beer.”


I’ll spare you all the details, but short version: 2019 was chaos defined, but also the year I had some interesting opportunities come my way. I left Los Angeles after 20 years (and will continue to love that hot mess of a city from afar) and moved to Lodi, the wildly underrated and completely exciting wine region in northern California. Stuff is happening here, people.

Lodi arch in downtown Lodi, California

I now do social media and digital marketing for one of my favorite wineries, and finally have time to pursue both my wine writing (and general wine-related escapades) and nature photography and am the keeper of my own schedule.

Just before all hell broke loose, you may recall seeing me mention (if you follow me on Twitter) that I was about to dive into a VERMENTINOPALOOZA here. I am still obsessed with that variety, and had lined up a number of bottles that were a combination of samples graciously sent my way for this specific project and wine I purchased myself.

Oh, we have not forgotten about the VERMENTINOPALOOZA. Oh, not at all. All those bottles were carefully moved up to Lodi with me and I’ll finally be cracking them all open next week. I ended up with something like 14 bottles by different producers, so I’ll likely break it down into chewable–er, drinkable–bites (featuring just a few bottles at a time).

I’m excited to talk with you about that and a million other wine-related topics. I’m excited to highlight some of my favorite Lodi producers and also begin exploring some of our adjacent regions, including Lake County and the Sierra Foothills.

Lots of wine. Lots to talk about.

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